Ilham Dairy, a devoted mental health expert and psychotherapist specializing in the Person-Centered Approach (ACP), brings a unique well-being. With a background in communication, psychology, and social sciences from the American University of Paris (Bachelor of Arts 2006) and a specialized Master’s in Marketing from ISCAE-Casablanca, Ilham has dedicated her career to guiding individuals through their psychological, emotional, and relational challenges.

Grounded in the philosophy that change begins with self-acceptance, Ilham’s therapeutic sessions create an atmosphere of protection, warmth, and acceptance. In her approach, she emphasizes the importance of interpreting and understanding one’s feelings in the present moment. Ilham’s commitment to her clients allows them to open up, shed their defenses, and feel secure in embracing their true selves.

As my podcast guest, our discussions delve into the transformative power of dreams. She explores dreams as a reflection of the true self, a means of recognizing the unknown, and a tool for revealing the contents of the unconscious mind. Ilham highlights how dream analysis can be a powerful way to overcome challenges and foster resilience.

I invited Ilham to join our well-being event on February 17, 2024. Her session, “Explorez les mystères de vos rêves” at Playland Skhirat, aims to unveil the secrets of the unconscious, liberate unhelpful emotions, and improve stress management. This event is part of a series focusing on diverse aspects of holistic living, from stress management to conscious parenting.

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📅 Date: February 17, 2024
🕒 Time: 9 am to 5 pm
📍 Location: Playland Skhirat
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